Roswell Fun Facts and Mysteries Debunked

Some people, like your grandparents, can just close their eyes and recall the summer of 1947. It was during this hot summer that one of the biggest stories of the century crashed landed on the American Public. It was believed that the Roswell Army Air Force had captured a UFO and that the question of life in outer space was answered. Or was it….

“The RAAF captured a flying disc that crashed from the sky in Roswell, New Mexico,” or some variation of this quote kept people glued to their radios, televisions and newspapers.

So, what really happened on July 7th, 1947?
Over the past sixty years, Roswell has often been associated with frequent UFO activity. There are those who swear we’re not alone in the universe. There’s even been talk of a government conspiracy. Especially considering, the AAF retracted its statements regarding a flying disc back when it first made headlines. There are hundreds of books published on the Roswell Incident with many conflicting theories and countless eyewitness accounts.

Mystery: The RAAF (Roswell Armed Air Forces) recovered a flying saucer.
For years, many have speculated a crashed saucer or spaceship was uncovered in Roswell. In the Roswell Daily Dispatch, a local newspaper, a statement was even released on July 8th, 1947 stating that a “disc” had been recovered.

Later, the statement was retracted and the government admitted that it had been a weather balloon. They claimed the weather balloon was part of a top secret experiment that had crashed.

roswell hoax

Mystery: Coffins house alien remains.
During the cleanup process, many eyewitnesses reported seeing four small coffins being carted off by officials. The witnesses believed that these coffins contained the remains of aliens killed in the crash. While the government did confirm the existence of coffins, they attested that those coffins weren’t filled with aliens, but instead crash test dummies. Many argue that it would be impossible for Air Force crash test dummies, falling from such an elevation, to all land in the same spot.


Mystery: The government covered up the crash.
The Roswell Incident is considered the biggest government cover-up of all time…That’s if it even happened.
Back in 1947, the Air Force reported that the supposed saucer, that had crashed landed onto Mac Brazel’s farm, was not a saucer at all. No, they claim it was a weather balloon and a part of their top secret project, MOGUL. To dispel rumors and talk of a government conspiracy, a thorough investigation of the Roswell incident took place. It was published in a book titled: The Roswell Report: Case Closed. In this report, released in 1977, transcripts include eyewitness testimony, examination of Air Force equipment and statements from UFO witnesses. All private documents were showcased to the public, via this book. This made it really difficult for people to determine if the government was indeed in on a cover-up or if the incident really wasn’t as complex as initially told.

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It’s pretty impossible to determine what truly happened in Roswell, New Mexico back in the summer of 1947. With so many conflicting theories, theories are all we have now.

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