Starry Nights Indoors: Star Projectors and Bringing the Stars Home

A starry night sky on a summer night: is there anything more romantic? The charisma of a navy sky strewn with twinkling lights like the best sprinkled donut ever… if it had blue icing. But even summer nights aren’t safe from the oven-like stuffiness of summer heat (as we here in So Cal have been experiencing lately). Even the most alluring night sky can be ruined when five minutes outside is the equivalent of standing in a sauna without the cleansing properties. We suggest bringing the stars home– that is, bringing them indoors where there’s air conditioning and the comfort of a bed or couch.

Laserpod Orb


When it looks like it came from NASA itself, you know it’s gotta be worthwhile! The Laserpod Orb Base Station Light is small star projector that holds a huge secret. A huge, mesmerizing secret. The star projector light uses purple and blue LEDs with a red laser and a crystal to display an aura of fantastic nebulae, stars, and slow movement. An interesting option this laser projector has is the ability to be both wall and ceiling mounted to provide a different sensory experience at different angles and heights. Check out a sample below!


Kaleidoscopic Laser Pointers

50mw kaleidoscope green laser pointer

Add some wows to the already pre-positioned laser lights and create your own light show with kaleidoscopic laser pointers. Add these laser pointers to the the laserpod, or use it on its own, to create beautiful kaleidoscopic visuals at your own settings and speed.  It includes 5 unique kaleidoscope patterns. Nothing far from what entering another dimension might actually look like. This must be what it’s like to enter The Outer Limits.

Star Constellation Map

luckies-star-constellation-mapLuckies Constellation Star Map
When they said “connect the dots”, who knew that some people would see intricate figures along a string of stars and give them names like Pisces and Sagittarius? I usually just got a beach ball when I connected the dots. A Star Constellation Map lets you gaze into the imagination of previous generations by identifying the zodiacal constellations as well as the stars within them. But unlike previous generations, we get to see them in glow-in-the-dark! The star map exudes a soft green hue in the dark so it’s almost as captivating as being outside with the real thing– except you get to watch from the comfort of your bedroom!

DIY AstroStar Projector


So you want to bring the stars in without giving too much money out. Try a DIY AstroStar Projector, a polygonal rotating lamp that can projects a flurry of stars all over a room. This star projector can even be adjusted to a specific location and time zone so it can reflect a very accurate display of what the night heavens actually look like! At just over 20 bucks a pop, yea, we’d say it’s worth its while!

Whether you’re inside or outside on a summer night, try to find these famous star constellations:

Perseus Constellation
Look, it’s, uh….. uhhh……

Bring the stars home or bring yourself to them outdoors, but either way, just enjoy the free show that summer stargazing has to offer and let time slow down for a while!

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