Fun Home Bar Accessories

Whether you’ve got a home bar that only takes up a tiny corner of your kitchen counter-top or one that’s occupying a whole wall, there are certain basics all bars need. The essentials of any bar include glassware, the necessary tools to create mixed drinks, and the right tools for preparing  said drinks and serving them.

Take a look at basic tools for bartending as well as basic bar equipment to make sure you’ve covered the necessary bases. Or, get a quick overview with this illustrated chart:

Now that the fundamentals are taken care of, let’s move on to the amusing stuff! The following are just some unique items I came across that would make for a seamless night of drinks and merriment.

Kebo One-Handed Bottle Opener

Start the show by impressing your guests with a one-handed bottle opener. Have them ooh-ing and ahh-ing as you pop open their bottles without even lifting a pinky.

Pro Stainless-Steel 10-Piece Cocktail Shaker and Bar Tool Set


Next, wow your friends with your seemingly flawless expertise on mixing drinks by using a Pro Stainless Steel Shaker & Tools. This set Includes a double jigger, a 2-piece glass and stainless shaker set with recipes and tips on the glass for mixing drinks. It also comes with a lemon/lime slicing knife, bottle opener, cocktail strainer, stirrer, and tongs. All for only $39.95! A great set for novices and pros alike.

Pirate Bottle Opener


Keep the excitement going with a pirate bottle opener. This little hidden treasure was designed by Nick Lerwill for SUCK UK. This corkscrew features an easy-open lever, foil-cutter and beer bottle opener. Having a bottle of booze without an opener can feel a lot like sailing in treacherous so don’t get caught without one.

Kokubo Ice Cube Spheres

Ice, ice, baby…you’re such an amazing bar host, even your ice has to be interesting! Cubes are so yesterday, and with Kokubo ice sphere trays, who needs ’em? Your guests will love the way these ice spheres look in their drinks, and so will you.

Ravi Instant Wine Chiller

Ravi Instant Wine Chiller

Cease to amaze with an instant wine chiller. No need to chill your guests’ gifts of wine before enjoying them anymore. Leave the chiller in your freezer until you want to use it. Then it’s just grab, uncork, pour, and go!

HOST Adjustable Aerator

HOST Adjustable Wine Aerator

Seeing triple? Maybe it’s the alcohol…or maybe it’s just the Adjustable Aerator by HOST. This aerator has a cool sophisticated design, and it’s actually quite fun to watch. The best part is this aerator will decant any wine within seconds. Whether the wine needs 1-6 hours of decanting, just adjust the setting on this aerator to the type of wine or the decanting time needed, and pour! We’re not even drinking and we had to do a double-take at how amazing this decanter is.

Gama Go Cocktail Ring Drink Markers

Cocktail Ring Drink Markers

With so many people over at your home bar, folks are bound to lose track of their drinks. Eliminate that problem with some cocktail ring drink markers. They’re handy, and more importantly, super stylish!

Dapper Stache Drink Markers

Dapper Stache Drink Markers

If you’re into the whole mustache craze (who isn’t?), prevent cootie-sharing with some mustache drink markers instead of the cocktail rings we just introduced you to. Or what the hey, use them both!

Fred & Friends Bullseye Dart Picks

What’s a bar without darts? If you wanna keep your walls hole-free, just invest in these bullseye dart picks. Shoot ’em at your cheese platters or cocktail olives. That way, your friends will never miss their target, and your walls will thank you.

Gama Go Clean Plate Olive Tray

Olive Tray

Make your guests clean up after themselves with these fun olive or hors d’oeuvre plates. Each little tray comes with a mini trashcan and lid to collect olive pits or used toothpicks. Très awesome!

Shot Glass Tic Tac Toe

We couldn’t forget about the bar games now, could we? Here’s a classic. Let your guests duke it out to see who’s tic tac toe champion. And let the losers drink up their losses!

Cocktail Challenge Drink Mats


Ever find yourself reading the coasters at the bar because your friend went to the bathroom or the conversation got quiet? Surprise your guests with these cocktail drink mats that will leave you with more than just a beer brand or tagline. These drink mats not only serve as great stain-resistant coasters for your bar, but they also contain classic cocktail recipes that test the strengths and weaknesses of your knowledge of cocktails and spirits! These coasters make an excellent icebreaker for your next soiree or party.

Keep your eye out for other one-of-a-kind bar accessories. You simply can’t have enough!

What are some of your favorite cocktails and bar accessories you can’t live without? Leave us a comment below!


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