Fun BBQ Accessories For Your Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is just a few days away, and it’s time to celebrate the unofficial start of summer. Soon, you’ll be trading your spring rain jackets for shorts, flip flops and chilling by the pool. Let’s party! Summer vacations are on the horizon. These tools—ranging from a burger flipper to a ukulele—will help you party down.

Burger Flipper

GAMA GO Burger Flipper

This heavyweight stainless steel metal spatula is perfect for the hard-core burger chef in your life. It’s durable and fun. The only better combo we can think of is a burger topped with cheese.

Condiment Gun 

Condiment Gun

Ditch that boring bottle of ketchup for this condiment gun. Use it to put ketchup or mustard on your burgers or fries. Stick ‘em up! Just don’t drop that dog on the ground.

Drink Preservers

Drink Preservers

Consider this drink preserver your new favorite pool toy. Secure your beer can or cocktail in this vinyl preserve and sip on it while you lounge on the pool. We’d say this as close as you can come to heaven on Earth.

Acapulco Ukulele

Sunny Life Acapulco Ukelele

So you have to be able to play this “uke,” but if you or someone you know can, you’re in for a good time. This is a fun instrument designed for party-goers. It sounds like summertime. Plus, you’ll love the cute colors this comes in.

Racing Ducks 

Racing Ducks

Every pool could use a few fun toys. And these racing ducks will do just the trick. Wind them up and let them go. Your guests will love watching these toys zip around in the water. Almost as much as they love drinking. Almost.

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