15 Summer Festival Life Hacks

It’s the time of the year when summer fun and frivolity abounds and no one wants to get caught up carrying too much stuff.  Little things, like phone chargers, packing snacks into plastic zipper-closure baggies, and having a change of clothes may seem obvious, but you may want to put together a list before you head out, especially if the festival will last for several days.

Still, if you travel light to the festival,  you want to be able to handle your business efficiently, so here are some tricks that will serve you well as you dance, party, and enjoy the sunshine (and don’t forget the sunscreen) to its fullest.

1. Get Your Jugs Ready


Water, water, water is often at a premium at a festival, so start things out right before you get there.  Freeze gallon containers of water and put into your ice chest instead of ice or ice packs (more on that below). Not only will everything stay cold, but you will now have cold water.  Want a change of beverage pace? You can also freeze tea, coffee, even lemonade!

2. First Aid Preparedness


It’s well worth it to either purchase a pre-packed first aid kit or put together one of your own.  If anyone in your group has special needs, like allergies, you need to think about including items along those lines, too.  It’s one of those things that better to have on hand than not at all and may save a trip to the first aid tent.

We like the Urban First Aid Kit because it fits all your basic essentials in one small container


3. DIY Ice Packs


Speaking of first aid AND your ice chest, soak sponges in water, seal into plastic bag (this works best with a zipper top), and freeze.  Now, you have ice packs you can tuck into the corners of your ice chests, have something ready if an ice pack is needed, and, when they are no longer frozen, you can squeeze cold water all over yourself to cool off.  The sponges will also soak up any water at the bottom of the ice chest or small puddles. Nifty.

4. Waterproof Your Shoes


If you are going to wear a canvas shoe, slip-on or tie-up, use beeswax on them before you go to create waterproof footwear.

5. Keep Flip Flops From Flip Flopping Off


If your foot cover of choice is a flip flop, nothing is more annoying than having the strap pull out. Get ready before you go by using a bread bag clip to secure.  Add a touch of super glue and you are good to go/

6. Fanny Pack Flashback


Go ahead, let them laugh, but your personal effects will remain safely by your side, er, front, when you sport a fanny pack. And you’ll be hands-free, too!

7. Hydration for Days

water bottle.jpg

Remember that water jug? Remember to take water bottles, too.  You can start those iced, as well, filling it up a quarter of the way, then tipping it on the side and putting it in the freezer until solid.  Add water and voila! Perfectly cool water.  Consider marking your water bottles with times of day, too, to make sure you are staying well hydrated.  Still thirsty? You may be losing electrolytes and mineral so pack some Himalayan Salt Licks, too! Their not just for cows and horses, any more.



8.  Heading Out


Cell phone service is usually very limited, if available at all, so keep your group together by using giant photo heads on a stick and its an easy for people to work their back to you if they get separated.  That’s one way to stick out in a crowd.

9. Simple Comforts


If you are putting up a tent or a shade, bring along some of these soft playroom tiles to make a nice comfy surface on which to sleep or sit.  Your feet will thank you.  They are especially handy if it happens to rain, too. And remember your ear plugs.  After the plugs have been pulled for the night, you will appreciate being able to get a good night’s sleep with out the disruption of folks who are still having a good time keeping you awake.

10. No Need to Call Foul


Port-a-potties have a life of their own at festivals, so you can do your best to make it as comfortable as possible with two things.  First, make sure you bring along your own toilet paper as you can’t count there will be any in there by the time you arrive.  Second, put some nice cologne, perfume, or essential oil onto a bandanna or handkerchief and tie around your face upon entry. Trust us, the experience will be all the sweeter for it.

For the ladies, Stand up and boycott the squat

11. Trash Bags & Duct Tape-Don’t Leave Home Without Them


Trash bags are great for, trash, but they can also become rain gear, including foot covers when coupled with duct tape. Toss dirty clothes in, duct tape up, and you can have a pillow. Duct tape will fix tears and holes in things and, if you are inspired, you could even make some wallets and sell them to cover your expenses. Duct tape is amazingly versatile and when coupled with trash bags, the only limit is your creativity.

12. Travel Soap & Quick Showers


There’s nothing quite like a mass of smelly humanity to remind you how much we stink, literally, as a group.  Take along some wet nap products created for just such instances to refresh yourself.  Pop some wrapped travel soap, like the kind you get when staying at a hotel, into your extra clothing to keep them smelling nice.  You can even use that soap in conjunction with your melted ice pack sponges as a creative alternative.

This Urban Weekend Washbag Kit which includes a disposable razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant wipes, shower gels, and shampoo in one.

13. Emergency Numbers


The caption says it all.  Keep your emergency contacts and any important medical information in your wallet (or for iPhone users, in your phone) Make sure everyone in your party does it, too, and when reviewing, it’s a good time to check that first aid kit to make sure you have everything you need.


14. Squinting Makes it Real


So, the cell phone may not have reception, but it won’t keep you from taking selfies.  Make them look better by squinting just a little bit.  It will look less staged.

15. Bring a Portable Battery Charger


Because your phone will die and if you don’t post it on instagram, did you really go to a festival?




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