Functional Entryway Organizers for Small Spaces

When you live in small spaces with minimal elbow room, in a dorm, New York apartment, closet under the staircase, you need to maximize your organizational efforts by thinking outside-of-the-box to keep things accessible and, most importantly, not forgotten. Here are some novel ways to just that while keeping your living space as wide open as possible when you have to sit on your bed to open the oven.


If you are looking for something that is not only different, but can hold you keys in ways that will make people go “huh?,” then the Hunting Trophy Door Light, $29.95, is exactly what you have been trying to track down.  Added bonus? When it senses your movement, it will light up your life, literally!



Simple, smooth, and super slick is this stylishly cool little number perfect for a small space. The Plank, $29.95, mounts to your wall, appearing to float effortlessly, and has a magnetic strip on the bottom from which to hang your keys, as if  by magic.



Now you can be assured of never forgetting your keys.  Get it? An elephant never forgets so with this Elephant Wall Hook, $21.95, you shouldn’t either.  Makes sense, doesn’t it? Then definitely you get it (and should get it right now).


When people walk in they will be most impressed with this stunning piece of art…and then wonder what you are doing sticking you keys on it!  Seriously, the Magnetter Key & Letter Holder, $19.95, is both functional and beautiful.  Who needs art for arts  sake when it can keep you organized, too?


This is much for than just a thumb’s up! The Handjob Hook, $105.95, is something you can talk about proudly, even when your parents are in the room.


Consider bringing the inside out when you need a place to keep everything.  Skull Tidy, $72.95, is a new way to open your mind to the reality that you probably do, once in a while, need a place to rest the weary things that grace your head. And pockets.

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