Hilarious Bug and Insect Prank Gifts

Ah, the joys of pranking family and friends.  It can go without saying that to be both the giver and receiver of a well-crafted plan can be a highlight of any day.  The perfect way to break up the day-to-day monotony of the work place or household.  Or get someone to leave you alone…for a long, long time.  Check out these great ways to elicit screams of horror that roll into gales of laughter. Or lots of getting chased after with a shoe.


How could you possibly resist these Lunch Bug Sandwich Bags, $5.95.  Imagine the shock they will employ? Take one to the office or school and carefully pull it out of your lunch bag with the offending creature facing your lunch companions. What fun! Or even better, swap out someone else’s boring plastic bag with one of these. It’s sure to be a conversation starter.


If there is someone you know who always has their hands in the cookie jar or potato chip bag, this is the perfect way to get them to think twice before snacking at your station.  Larvets, $2.25 a box, come in three delectable flavors, BBQ, Cheddar Cheese, and Mexican Spice. the best part? These are honest-to-goodness flavor-filled genuine 100% larvae. Yum!


How hilarious would like be climbing over someone’s desk? Imagine how high they will jump.  The MxyKikker Wind-Up, $22.00, not only is a wind-up, but it will surely wind-up anyone around on which you choose to deploy this crafty little bugger.


Of course, there is nothing like a realistic bug to really get someone going, right? What about one or two (or three or a whole drawer-full) of these delightful Fake Cockroaches (pack of 12), $2.95.  Now that is a real bang for the buck AND they are reusable so you can prank someone over and over and over again.


Okay, so maybe butterflies aren’t as creepy as other insects, but put one of these on your desk or counter top to get everyone riled up.  Then, when they are ready for release, invite your friends and colleagues and celebrate, following up that the next batch are spiders. Green Earth Insect Kit, $14.95.


This is just buggy enough that it may get someone to stop and look or, even better, scurry quickly past.  All the while, you can be looking forward to a nice, stress-reducing cup of tea, faithfully provided by your own personal Octeapus. $10.95. Perfec-tea-ly horrible.


Give you victim the offering of a sweet to make things all better.  The InsectNside Amber Sucker, $1.95, boosts a delicious toffee flavor.  Hand one of these over to your favorite “sucker,” the perfect ending to any day and would most certainly get the message across not to bug you ever again.

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