Our Favorite Box-of-the-Month Clubs

Box subscriptions are the hottest trend with everything from snacks to cat goodies available as gift, 1-, 3-, 6-, or annual subscriptions for most offerings. Here are some unique ideas for family, friends, colleagues, pets, and, of course, you!

Fill up that Tummy With Good Stuff


Graze brings you an 8-pack of yummy goodness every month for $12.oo. Everything is nutritionist-approved with no trans-fats, high-fructose corn syrup, artifical flavors, or GMOs. And if there is something you don’t like, you can pick and choose in your profile to get just the kinds of treats you like. You’ll receive eight nutritionist-approved choices at a time in weekly boxes. Nothing in your box will have trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, or genetically engineered ingredients. You can specify ingredients you’d like to avoid, as well.




Love With Food
has a subscriptions for 3, 6, and 12-month, pricing starting at $7.99 for the 12-month Tasting Box subscription. They also offer Deluxe and Gluten-free boxes.  The best part about their boxes besides including snacks that are either all-natural or organize, GMO-free, gluten-free or, as they say, free of artificial junk, is that each box also provides at least one meal for a hungry child in America.


While Mouth is  a little pricier, starting at about $38 a month, for foodies who love “indie” food, this will fill the ticket. With subscriptions for a huge assortment of taste and preferences, you will find monthly subscriptions for cookies, bacon, wine, gin, pickles, popcorn, and so much more.

Fill up that Tummy With Other Good Stuff, Candy


If you’ve a sweet tooth, check out BoCandy. They offer either an international candy box or Asian/Japanese candy box starting at $15.oo a month plus tax and shipping.  If you love Daim and Pocky, or just trying out some new treats, this box is for you.



If you are, or know of, a chocolate-lover, then and Endorfin subscription may be your golden ticket.  Artisan-crafted using top quality ingredients, boxes start at $25.00.  Boxes will contain fabulous chocolate that is dairy-, soy- agave-, GMO-, and gluten-free and it contains no refined sugar.


Get your gummy on with Gummy Munchies. You can get a monthly subscription from $20.00 that gets you a 15% discount off the regular price or their quarterly subscription for $80.00, and get a whole variety of jellified goodness.

Something or the Kiddies


Little Passports has three different offerings for ages 3-12. Starting at $14.00 a month, kids can learn all about the world in which we living, acting the part of an adventurer!


Tinkercrate is a perfect monthly activity kit for the budding scientist and engineer. Subscriptions start at $20.00 with boxes for ages 3-16+ available.


Foodstirs is a monthly subscription, from $20.00, that gets the kids into the kitchen to learn all about baking. A great way to bring everyone together.


Something for the Kitties (and Puppies, too)


Barkbox will be great fun for your dog. With small and cute (0-20 lbs), just right (20-50 lbs) and big & bold (50+ lbs) box choices, from $20.00, your puppy’s box will be filled with goodies just for them.


Kitty needs some treats, too.  Check out Kitnipbox, which offers boxes for individual and multi-cat needs.  $20.00 monthly. Cats really love the fact that it comes in a box, too.


Cats and dogs don’t get the have all the box fun, especially with Polly Wanna Bird Box.  With size choices from the Talon Teaser for one to the Jungle Bundle designed to keep an entire flock busy, this is one box that is definitely for the birds, starting at $25.00


Treasure Troves


With best in geek and gaming goodies, Lootcrate offers different boxes based on your interests from anime to pets to Firefly collectibles, there is something for the geek in everyone. Pricing starts at $14.00.


Rediscover the fine art of note cards and sending and receiving mail.  From just $20.00 a month, Nicely Noted sends a collection on three note cards and stamps so all you need to do is supply the pen…and the penmanship.


The ultimate vacation-in-a-box, Hammock Pack sends you a monthly adventure for $32.00.  Each month has a theme and the box will be packed with items that will let you pretend, even if only for an afternoon, that you are far away from the daily grind.

Which Box-Of-The-Month Club will you join?


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