10 Items to Turn Your Home Industrial Chic

Edison Bulb ST64 LED 6W | 2shopper

In this modern era of decorating and design, the look of industrial chic has become quite popular. Inspired by factories and places with heavy machinery, steel, metal and brick, industrial style has found a nice place in the aesthetics of home décor. If industrial chic is a type of style you are into, then consider these 10 items for your next remodeling project.


2 PC Martini Goblet Set


Who knew that steel martini glasses could look so incredibly stylish? The 2 PC Martini Goblet Set captures that metal look that industrial chic enthusiasts will love having in their home bar set. Pour yourself a drink with these fashionable goblets.


Magnetic Steel Bottle Opener

magnetic bottle opener


Let the power of steel open all those tight bottle caps with the Magnetic Steel Bottle Opener. Perfect for those who like the look of stainless steel and metal, this bottle opener attaches to your refrigerator so you will never have to go searching through a messy drawer for these kitchen utensils again when you are ready for a drink.

Bakus Trivet

If you are collector of the “wine-arts” then you’ll love storing all those corks with the Bakus Trivet. The vino connoisseurs will enjoy customizing this stainless steel trivet with 36 corks from their favorite wines. Delight in how industrial your kitchen will look with this new addition.

Wire Loop Bowl

Wire Loop Fruit Bowl

Even your fruits and vegetables can get in on the industrial action thanks to the Wire Loop Fruit Bowl. Modern and fashionable design mix with that touch of the industrial metal you are looking for when you place this fruit holder on your kitchen counter.

Water Absorbent Cup Rack

Give your glasses a new place to dry with the Water Absorbent Cup Rack. What better says industrial then a product made from non-toxic recycled ash mixed with cement? Add this handy kitchen accessory to your home and it’ll fit in nicely with that industrial design you are going for.


Postino Mailbox

Now you can make even the outside of your home have that industrial flair you desire. The Postino Mailbox is sleek and chic and stainless steel at its finest. This metal mailbox will pair well with that industrial theme and also provide you with a functional place to receive all those bills, letters, and junk mail.

Edison Bulb

Edison Bulb ST64 LED 6W | 2shopper

What can be more industrial than a lightbulb inspired by the vintage factories of the early 1900s? The Edison Bulb is a nostalgic throwback that’ll bring an antique feel to your modern home. This bulb is meant to be seen and not hidden beneath a lampshade, so give it the proper display it deserves and let it shine.

Big Wheel Hour Wall Clock

All those days working in the steel mills or manufacturing plants, employees would watch the clock until the day was done. Give your home a taste of that industrial feel with this mechanical-looking Big Wheel Hour Wall Clock. Designed with the appearance of cogs and gears, this unique wall clock just screams industrial!


Concrete Block Magnets

Organize your office or desk at home with a little help from the Concrete Block Magnets. Made from actual cement, like the materials used in factories and industrial worksites, you can make sure all those important papers and documents now stay firmly in place because what is better at keeping things in place than cement?

MagNet Mesh Organizer

Even your extra pencils, sticky notes, and note cards can be stored in an organized and industrial fashion. The MagNet Mesh Organizer is sleek enough to fit on any desk and neatly keeps all your items in place, and it is magnetic so you can attach it to your fridge, file cabinet or locker, letting you really spread that industrial style of yours around.

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