Simple Yet Sophisticated Decorating Ideas

Lux LED Lamp | 2Shopper

You know the saying, sometimes less is more? Well this is a perfect motto for home decorating. Instead of always having to cram everything into your living space to make it look complete, sometimes the better option is to just stick to minimal design ideas. Open up those rooms by removing all the clutter and keep it simple yet sophisticated the next time you choose to redecorate.

Dropit Hooks Large

Normann Copenhagen Dropit Hooks (Large) - from

A simple raindrop is all you’ll need to hang your coats, bags, and umbrella in your home’s entryway thanks to the Dropit Hooks Large. Designed to resemble a single droplet of water, this contemporary accessory will be a great yet minimalistic accent for your walls.

Magnetic Poster Frame

Magnetic Poster Frame |

Who needs traditional frames when you can have the Magnetic Poster Frame? This sleek and stylish means for framing your artwork is easy to use and will look great hanging from your walls. Simply place your art between the two wooden strips that magnetically attach together, and hang on the wall from the rope.

Shadow Wall Clock Natural

Give your home the rustic simplicity of Paulownia wood with a touch of the abstract thrown in for an interesting timepiece for your wall. The Shadow Wall Clock Natural features numbers with sides painted black that protrude from the clock, creating an appearance of shadows at each angle you view it from.

Lux LED Desk Lamp

Lux LED Lamp | 2Shopper

Your eyes will just light up when they see the Lux LED Desk Lamp sitting on your desk or table in your home. Equipped with the versatility of various light settings for you to choose from and with a slim design featuring a 90 degree to 180 degree adjustable neck, you can rotate this minimalist lamp for any angle you need it.

Whiskey Glass Set of 2

How about a nice and simple glass of whiskey to finish out your busy day? The Whiskey Glass Set comes with two glasses made from mouth blown glass and are the perfect glasses to swirl and sip your favorite cocktails from.

Small Hideaway Cable Organizer

To keep your home minimalist-themed, you don’t want messy wires, disorderly cables, and tangled chargers laying around. The Small Hideaway Cable Organizer will securely hold all those cables and chargers in a sleek and compact case, so you’ll never have to worry about that disorganized pile of electronic wires again.

Eco Cup

There’s nothing like the simple tastes of a refreshing glass of water, and the Eco Cup will help make sure that wonderful taste continues when you are on the go. Made from environmentally-friendly materials, this simple yet effective drinking cup is a great option for coffee, tea, and of course, water.

Atmarkus 3g Glass Mug

Enjoy your gin and tonics or hot coffee in the beautifully-crafted Atmarkus 3g Glass Mug. This large drinking glass is made from heavy glass with a solid handle so you can firmly hold it while you sip your favorite beverages.

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