The Purr-Fect Gifts for Cat Lovers This Christmas

Do you know someone who absolutely loves cats? Perhaps you are one yourself who prefers these furry feline friends as pets. This Christmas, make it one for cat lovers everywhere as you begin your shopping. Consider these gifts that’ll make the purr-fect presents for those who love everything and anything to do with cats.

Zoola Cat Ring Holder 

Keep all those rings safe and organized with a little help from this feline friend. The Zoola Cat Ring Holder will use its tail or ears to hold your treasured jewelry so you’ll always know exactly where to find them.

Cat Measuring Cups 

Get some baking or cooking done with the help of these adorable Cat Measuring Cups. Perfect for the cat person and chef you know, these four cups will provide you with an accurate measurement of ingredients and portions so you can make that great holiday meal this year.

Kit-Tea Tea Infuser 

Who wouldn’t want a cup of tea with this adorable little friend peeking out of the top with those precious eyes and tiny little feet and ears? The Kit-Tea Tea Infuser will help bring your tea leaves and water together for a nice cup of warm tea you’ll be sure to enjoy this winter when the weather turns chilly.

Magneticats Fridge Magnets 

Magneticats Fridge Magnets | 2Shopper

Looking for a cute way to hang up those grocery lists, photos, or friendly reminders on your refrigerator, but want to have something cat-themed? The Magneticats Fridge Magnets are four fun kitties in four different colors that will magnetically attach to your fridge and hold those important keepsakes in place and look absolutely adorable while doing it.

Stop Kitty Bottle Stopper 

During the holidays, if you are throwing a party, you may have some alcohol or wine to enjoy with your guests. In case there are leftovers, The Stop Kitty Bottle Stopper will keep that wine from spoiling and preserve that freshness even longer.

Cap + Mouse Bottle Opener 

Cap + Mouse Bottle Opener | 2shopper

Pop the caps with the help of this cat and let the drinking commence! The Cap + Mouse Bottle Opener is a satin-finished gold bottle opener with the inside section designed like a mouse.

Kitty Kitchen Timer 

This loyal feline friend is ready to stand watch over your baking or cooking. Set the Kitty Kitchen Timer on your counter and allow it to let you know exactly when it is time to remove those tasty dishes from the oven or stove.

Key Cat Key Caps 

Tired of having so many keys but never knowing which one goes to what? Make your keys organized with some kitty style thanks to the Key Cat Key Caps. These adorable little guys come in two different colors so you’ll be able to recognize exactly which key goes to your house, car, locker, or any other place with a lock.


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