Sports Gifts and Stocking Stuffers For Under $25

Do you have that athlete in your life? How about the sports fan who can’t miss a single game? Or what about the sports collector who owns every piece of memorabilia for their favorite team? Give that special someone a sports-themed gift that will be a slam dunk, home run, hole in one, perfect ten, (and any other sports metaphors you can think of) this year.

Spare Pin Bar Set

How about a fun night out on the lanes with a nice glass of your favorite wine? But wait! What will you open those bottles with? The Spare Pin Bar Set is easy to use and super portable and dressed to impress for the bowling occasion. This set comes with a corkscrew for opening those pesky corks, a spout/bottle opener for pouring, and a drip guard to keep all that tasty wine in your glass where it belongs.

Trophy Shot Glass

For those out there who want to drink and celebrate like a true champion, you can’t go wrong with the Trophy Shot Glass. Feel like you just won that big game each time you take a shot from this award-shaped glass filled with your favorite alcohol. Raise a glass and toast to your holiday victory!

Play More Notepad

For the sports fans you know, give them the gift of a notepad they’ll really enjoy using with the Play More Notepad. This great notebook comes with pages that were meant to be crumpled up because they each reveal one of eight different designs of sports balls. Whether it is soccer, baseball, basketball or football, when you crumple up these pages, you’ll have a fun sports-themed ball to play with.

Subbuteo Salt and Pepper Grinders

Subbuteo Salt & Pepper Grinders |

Take a step back in time with a retro-inspired sports gift your friends or family will love thanks to the Subbuteo Salt and Pepper Grinders. Designed to resemble the original 1960’s Sabbuteo figure, you can really score some great points in the flavor department when you add that salt and pepper to those delicious dishes with the help of these athletic little guys.

Biker Socks

For the cyclists out there who love taking that evening bike ride, safety is always of the utmost importance, especially on those darker streets where your visibility to other cars may be obstructed. The Biker Socks come with a reflective material sewn into the back so you can be seen better by traffic. Travel more comfortably and safely now with the help of these stylish socks to make you more noticeable during your nightly rides.

Both gloves and socks in action!
Both biker gloves and biker socks in action!

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