10 Creative Ways to Decorate with String Lights

led copper string lights
Are you looking for a modern and cool way to add extra light to your life? String lights are a popular new trend in the world of decorating and will bring that stylish and illuminating feel to any space. Perfect for birthdays, weddings, bedrooms, living spaces, and outdoor areas, you can’t go wrong with these creative ways to use string lights in your decorating.


Instead of just hanging photos on the wall or stashing them away in an album, give them the spotlight they deserve with this string light display featuring LED Copper String Lights.

Brighten up your canopy and make it fit for royalty now by adding some string lights to it.

String Lights Decorating Ideas

Indoor Decor

Copper Wire String Lights Decor Ideas

String lights can be added in many unique ways around the home to add a pop of brightness to any room.

Copper Wire String Lights Decor

Even an old ladder can be made to look magical thanks to this string light idea. Great for lofts, studios, barns and rustic-themed parties. Here we have Warm White Copper Wire String Lights and Cool White Copper Wire String Lights mixed together for a colorful combination.

Copper Wire String Light Decor

Add string lights around a room mirror for extra sparkle.

Spray paint hula hoops black, string lights on them and hang them from the ceiling at different heights #design:

For a whimsical look, wrap string lights around hula hoops and place them around each other to create a statement piece.

String Light Decor Ideas

String lights wrapped around a dreamcatcher for a soft and chic look.

Copper String Lights Room DecorUse string lights to spell words or create your own unique designs along walls and surfaces.

Warm White String Lights Decor Ideas

Add string lights to vases and jars as centerpieces or for soft subtle lighting.

string lights decor ideas

Drape string lights along walls to add wow factor into any room.

 DIY String Lights Decor

Outdoor Living

Consider battery-operated string lights border to really make your outdoor living spaces shine during those darker evenings.
Bring a fresh look of miniaturized lanterns to your plants, bushes, trees, or porch railings with these Cool White Battery String Lights.

String Lights

Wrap string lights around porches, patios, trees and gardens for a romantic look.


string light wedding decor
Dress up your table with these beautiful string light displays that’ll really add that extra level of wonder, romance, and excitement to your wedding day.

copper string lights wedding decor

string lights decor

Strings of mini lights attached to a rod behind sheer fabric. Great idea for weddings or Christmas.


Tulle and String Lights Aisle Decorations:

String lights behind sheer fabric creates a dreamy and romantic look.

A combination of fabric and twinkle lights make for a beautiful layered look in a wedding tent!:


‘Tis the season for some lights and what tree can be complete without the gorgeous shimmer of some string lights?

christmas decor string lightsBrighten up any tree with this festive use of the LED Copper String Lights.

string lights decor christmas ideas

String Lights Decor

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