5 “Greenery” Products Inspired by Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year

Pantone Color Of The Year 2017 Greenery

Pantone released its color of the year for 2017, and the winner is….GREENERY! In case you are wondering, Pantone is a system created to match colors together into a seamless color scheme. Greenery is described as being “nature’s neutral”, reminding people of the foliage, outdoors, and scenery. It represents freshness, restoration, and the beauty that spring brings. In honor of this color, here are 5 products that will get you in spirit of this symbolic shade.

Green Sasa Cup

Green Sasa Teacup | 2Shopper.com

Have a sip of your favorite tea and say cheers to this award winning color with the Green Sasa Cup. Inspired by Japanese teacups, this drinking glass has a striking green and jade color that is a perfect match to the Greenery shade.

746 Swedish Phone

The 746 Swedish Phone combines the retro look and design of the 1960s with the modern trends of Pantone’s color of the year. Take a step back into the past with this great reminder of what British telephones used to look like. It has been recreated with the classic style and colors, but has replaced the rotary dial with actual buttons.

Holga Green Starter Kit 

Now you can capture the natural world that the Greenery Color represents with a camera that fits the Greenery color pallet nicely. The Holga Green Start Kit gives you everything you’ll need to begin your photography adventures. This easy-to-use 120 film camera gives you the options of long exposure, color wheel flash, multiple exposure, and more for creative and unique ways to turn your photographs into masterpieces.

Turtle Tea Infuser

Give your tea time the Pantone treatment with the Turtle Tea Infuser. In the spirit of Greenery, you can feel tranquil and at ease thanks to the wonderful flavors of calming teas you’ll be drinking after this little guy is finished infusing them for you. Just place your blends inside his shell, and let him relax on the rim of your mug while the leaves mix with the warm water.

Green Glow Brick

Give your home a little Pantone color of the year decoration and bring some light into those darker rooms with the Glow Brick. This solar-powered lamp has a lightbulb in the center that once charged with the sun’s energy will emit a green glow from its core, casting brilliant shades of green throughout your living space. Sit back and watch it glow and you’ll be in for a bright treat.

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