5 Easy Steps For A Perfect Spring Garden

As the colds of winter give way to a fresh growth of flowers, plants, and trees, the spring season will soon be in full bloom. What better way to embrace the beauty that this season can bring than with a garden all your own? Not only will it bring new life to the exterior of your home, but it is a great outlet for getting outside and experiencing nature yourself. This spring, leave the confines of your house and spend more time in your yard with these great garden accessories that’ll have you excited to start digging around in the dirt.

Step 1: Plant

Culinary Herb Maker


How about some nice, fresh herbs grown straight from your…windowsill? That’s right folks, because with the Culinary Herb Maker, you can start your spring gardening right in the comforts of your kitchen. This kit comes with everything you’ll need to start sprouting some tasty herbs. And when they get large enough, you can even try transferring them outside into the soil for continued growth.

Step 2: Test

Soil PH Testerund512-1__16119-1470343204-600-600

In order to optimize your gardening, make sure your soil is fit for planting. With the Soil PH Tester, you can determine what the moisture content of your dirt is and monitor the ph level to make sure your plants are receiving enough light. Adjust accordingly so your flowers have the highest chances of successfully blooming to their fullest.

Step 3: Water

Mini Water Globes


Make caring for your plants this spring super easy now with the Mini Water Globes. These decorative orbs can be filled up with water, and once inserted into your plants soil, will water them for up to 2 weeks. Enjoy this decorative way to keep your flowers nicely hydrated all season long.

Step 4: Decorate

Solar Powered Color Changing Hummingbird Garden Stakes


With spring comes the sweet sounds of birds singing in the morning as the sun rises. Now you can add your own feathered friends to your garden décor with the Solar Powered Hummingbird Color Changing Garden Stakes. These little birdies will charge during the day, and when the sun sets, watch as they illuminate, casting colorful shades of red, green, and blue across all your plants.

Step 5: Display

Cinch Plant Hangers

Perhaps now you have a healthy set of plants growing in your soil, but you want to move them into a pot for better display. Instead of just regular flower pots that sit on the ground, why not lift them into the air with the Cinch Plant Hangers. These stainless steel cables will hold those heavy pots and allow you to hang them from porches, greenhouses, or living areas.

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