Thoughtful Gardening Gifts This Summer

Get your gardening tools ready, because we are doing some planting this summer. Take advantage of the warm weather to spend some time outdoors for a change and get out into your yard and start digging up some dirt, planting those seeds, and caring for your garden. Whether it is flowers and plants or vegetables and fruit, the possibilities are endless when you get started with your summer garden.

Chili Growing Kit 

DIY Chili Pepper In A Can
The face on the package says it all.


This is one hot pepper. Try your green thumb at the Ghost Chili Pepper in a Can and you’ll have one spicy vegetable to really heat up those taste buds. These peppers don’t play around and will really pack a punch once fully ripened. Prepare for some tears when these peppers hit your mouth.

Forest Bonsai

Bonsai Tree

Now you can have the ultimate packaged set for creating your very own bonsai experience. The Dawn Redwood Forest Bonsai Box comes with everything you’ll need to get started today. Complete with a tree, moss seed, training pots, river stone, and more, you can nurture and watch as your very own bonsai plant blossoms before your eyes.

Gardening Gloves

Wild and Wolf Gardening Gloves

You’ll have so much fun digging around the soil with these awesome Gardening Gloves. What makes these extra special is the added clawed fingertips that allow you to dig out the dirt yourself, so your hands will not only be protected from anything sharp, but are also ready to do some serious digging.

Soil Tester

Soil PH Tester

Prepare your soil for some serious planting now with the Soil Tester. This handy gardening tool will easily tell you if your soil is too acidic or too alkaline, if it is too wet or too dry, and how much light it is receiving so you can give your plants the optimum chance of thriving in your yard’s conditions.

Soil PH Tester

Hummingbird Solar Powered Garden Stake LED Lights

Solar Powered Hummingbird Color Changing Garden Stakes

Solar Powered Hummingbird Color Changing Garden Stakes

Light the way to your garden with the Hummingbird Solar Powered LED Garden Stake Lights. Once the sun sets, watch as these lights illuminate your yard and change colors, shining a path for you all evening long.

What are some of your favorite gardening tips, tricks and gifts? Leave us a comment below!

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