Take A Chill Pill! 5 Fun Ice Trays and Treats

There’s nothing like a nice, cold glass of your favorite beverage. Whether it is a special occasion and you are splurging on some fancy wine, or just hanging out with your friends and enjoying a cold beer, you’ll want that refreshing sip to be chilled to perfection. Rather than having to leave all your drinks in the fridge till the entertaining begins, these four clever ways to cool your drinks will have you keeping all your beverages right out in the middle of the action so you can continue to enjoy your evening without ever having to worry about your drinks getting warm again.

FOSSILICED Dinosaur Ice Trays

Fossiliced Ice Trays

Roar! FOSSILICED Ice Trays from Fred and Friends reincarnate the rulers of the planet millions of years ago! Except now they’re ice cubes! You can choose from either a T-Rex or a Triceratops, fill their bones with water, and take ’em back to the Ice Age!

fossiliced ice trays

3D Crocodile Ice Tray

3D Crocodile Ice Tray

You won’t need to be down on the Bayou to wrangle up your own Crocodile. Add some character and peril to your favorite cocktail or beverage with the Crocodile Ice Tray! The Crocodile Ice Tray is here to danger up your drink and is perfect for cocktails or a punch bowl.

3D Crocodile Ice Tray

Silicone Shot Glass Mold



Silicone Ice Shot Glass Mold


The possibilities are endless with the Ice Shot Glass Mold. Create your own edible shot glasses to go with your favorite drinks or spirits. Just fill, freeze and use. A simple, fun and affordable way to add some spirit to any party, literally!

Silicone Ice Shot Glass Mold





Monos Polar Ice Molds

polar ice mold

Introducing the latest trend from Japan – Polar Ice! These 3D Arctic Ice Cubes will cool your drink but warm your heart. This set of Ice Cube Molds is said to utilize “high-tech iceberg technology” to keep your polar animals afloat. Made from silicone, these cute creatures are easy to make and did I mention, ADORABLE!?

polar ice mold


Snowcone Maker

Snowcone Maker

When it’s just too dang hot, it’s time for a Sno-cone Maker! Nothing beats a sweet, cold, refreshing cone of shaved ice when the sun is trying to beat you down. Just plug in this small slush maker and press a button. And unlike other sno cone machines, this one includes a cup that captures all the ice shavings so none of those bits of heaven go to waste. Thanks to a Snocone Maker, every shred of ice gets a good syrup-y soaking!


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