Decoration Ideas For A Summer Wedding

Love is in the air this summer. June is a popular month for weddings, so if you are planning a summer wedding, you are going to love these great ideas and popular trends that will make yours the most romantic summer wedding around.

Bride and Groom Glass Set

Bride Groom Wine Glass Set

Say cheers on your special day with the Lolita Bride and Groom Wine Glass Set. Perfect for the happy couple, enjoy this set featuring a wedding dress for her and a tuxedo for him.

Cake Topper

What an exquisite cake topper to complete your beautiful wedding cake. The Willow Tree Promise Cake Topper is a wonderfully sculpted work of art featuring two lovers locked in a romantic embrace.

 Solar Powered Rose Stake

What wedding is complete without the lighting? With the Solar Powered Rose Stakes, you can decorate and illuminate your wedding in true summer style. These beautiful stakes will sparkle during the day beneath the sun’s rays, and for those weddings that extend into the evening hours, watch as these precious flowers light with a dazzling red glow that will really make a statement.

Fairy Berries


Turn your outdoor weddings into a fairy tale with lights that will make you feel like you are in a fantasy land. The Fairy Berries come in an array of wonderful colors that will match any wedding color scheme. Spread them across the yard and watch as they slowly fade in and out, creating a magical twinkling effect sure to impress all your guests and make your wedding extra special.


String Lights

Copper String Lights

Use some Fairy String Lights along porch railings, in between chairs, over the wedding canopy, or among tables to add a romantic glow. These lights are waterproof and are safe to use indoors or outdoors. They are also battery operated so you can use them anywhere at anytime!

Want even more creative ideas for how to incorporate string lights? Try some of these festive ways for inspiration.

You can also try these string lights in Cool White!

Wedding Colors


Looking to find out the best colors for a summer wedding. Check out this handy guide that is filled with all the perfect shades for your summer nuptials.

Centerpiece Ideas

Turn your tables into works of art with the best wedding centerpieces this season. Here are just a few of the many great ideas for making that statement piece for your tables.

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas



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