Gifts And Gadgets For A Family Fun Weekend

Summer is the perfect season for having some family fun. With the end of summer just around the corner, make it a special time of year by finding things to do that emphasize family closeness and bonding. With the kids just entering school, and you possibly on vacation from work, look for activities specifically designed to be done together as a family. Take a trip to the zoo and see all the animals. Head to the beach and build sandcastles or swim. Enjoy a vacation to your favorite spot. Have yourself a family barbecue and invite everyone over. Let these five ideas give you and your family something exciting to do together before the end of summer.

Let The Bowling Commence

Gamago Party Bowling

Bowling is a great sport for you and your family to try together this summer. It tests your skill, precision, aim and competitive spirit. Have a blast together by visiting your local bowling alley and if you can’t make it out to the lanes, enjoy your own bowling game right at home with the Party Bowling. Find an open floor in your home, set up this three foot long lane made of cardboard, use some soda cans for pins and a crushed can as a bowling ball, and start practicing those strikes.

Take A Casual Bike Ride

wheel brightz

The whole family will enjoy taking a nice leisurely bike ride together. Pick your favorite bike path or trail at your local park and start pedaling. The Cosmic Brightz are a bright strand of LED lights that can be wrapped around your bike so when that sun goes down because you’ve lost track of the time while having so much fun, you and your kids will all be safely visible thanks to these cool-looking strings of starry lights.

wheel brightz

Bake Some Yummy Goodies


Kids love sweets, so why not bring everyone together and do some family baking? The Cake Creature 3D Baking Set will have you baking some delicious and hilarious monsters in these creature-shaped molds perfect for kids. It also includes a pastry pen to get creative when making your cake creatures. Now you can play with your food and eat it too!

Cake Creature Set

An Alternative to Board Games

Doody Head Game

The Doody Head Game will have the poo flying as you and your opponent go head to head in this hilarious match that’ll have everyone laughing. The object of the game is to pick your poo and take aim at the sticky strips attached to each other’s Doody Head hat that have points printed on it to keep score. Whoever earns the most hits and the highest total will be crowned Champion Doody Head!

Doody Head Game

Go Sightseeing

Me and You Selfie Monopod

Summer is just a prime time for a vacation. But while you and the family are away, you’ll want to take dozens of photos to remember the trip. The Me & You Selfie Monopod is the perfect travel photo accessory for you and the family to use when trying to capture those special instances. With the Me & You Selfie Monopod, you can all easily get in on the action and use the Bluetooth remote shutter control to snap those memorable moments throughout your entire trip.

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