Keep Cool With These Picnic Ideas

Nothing says summer like a picnic.  Whether you head to the beach, mountains, meadow, backyard, or enjoy one in the family room on a rainy day, picnics are a great way to make even the simplest of meals fun.  There’s just something about opening up a hamper and finding something yummy inside that makes it special.  Here are some fun and novel items that will make even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich taste like a gourmet experience.

speaker blanket

Get that romantic encounter off to the perfect start with the Speaker Blanket, $34.95. The idyllic way to set the mood, simply tote along your mp3 player, stealthily tuck into the small pocket on the blanket and you are at the ready. Of course, if you bring the kids along, there’s nothing like a little Parachute Express to keep everyone happy.

ice cream ball

Why bring along a conventional dessert when you can do something that may actually wear out the kids? Check out the Ice Cream Ball, $44.95, and let everyone play as you roll your way to one yummy finale to your day of picnicking.

thirst 2 go


Bringing along your freshly-squeezed lemonade was never made easier than with the Thirzt2Go Collapsible Beverage Dispenser, $19.95. With it’s 2 gallon capacity, there will be plenty of refreshment for everyone.  The best part, it squishes down to make for easy packing up and storing.




How fun is this for your next picnic? Take advantage of summer watermelons and let the juice flow with the Watermelon Keg Tap Kit, $21.95. Add a bit of gingerale, lemon-lime pop, or favorite alcoholic beverage for the ultimate picnic drink. And it works with pumpkins, too, so you will already be a step of head when it is time for harvest festival!


The perfect accompaniment to any picnic, the Foldable BBQ Box, $74.95, it adjustable to three grate (and dare we say, great) heights, is equally easy to assemble and usassemble, and not only comes with a nylon carrying case, it also has a waterproof case for charcoal. Grill on!

Pack the whole thing in with the Outdoor MealKit, $19.95.  Containing a plate, bowl, spill-free cup, cutting board/colander combination, spork, AND waterproof container, this has everything you need to take your picnic to the next level. The only thing left to remember is the food.



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