Fun Gifts for Foodies!

Mason Shaker Tap

Everyone seems to have that one person they know who absolutely loves everything to do with food. Whether because they are a chef themselves or just enjoy trying the many different types of cuisines out there, the odds are this person has received quite a few gifts that are related to their passion. Try something unique that they’ll never expect with these six gifts for the foodie you know.

The Food Truck

Food trucks have become a popular craze sweeping the nation. Now you can bring this food fad to your party tables with the Food Trucks. This ceramic vehicle will park at your next meal and serve your guests in automotive style.

Cuisine R-Evolution Kit

Cuisine Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Give your Foodie Friend the gift of a new way to prepare and enjoy food. The Cuisine R-Evolution Kit is the most impressive way to bring molecular gastronomy to your kitchen. Learn the many tips and tricks it takes to incorporate spherification, emulsification, and gelification into your everyday cooking and make regular foods into something futuristic!

cuisine-r evolution kit molecular gastronomy

Puppy Egg Mold

puppy egg mold

Say goodbye to boring pancakes shaped like weird circles or droopy ovals and say hello to the Puppy Egg Mold. This adorable mold will bring joy and smiles to the breakfast table each morning thanks to its cute shape. Perfect for eggs or pancakes, make tomorrow’s breakfast something to really “bark” about.

puppy egg mold

Misto Oil Sprayer

misto oil sprayer

Make misting your dishes extra gourmet with the Misto Oil Sprayer. Sleek and stylish looking, this sprayer allows you to gently and evenly cover your meals with just the right amount of oils, vinegars, lemons, and more. Just fill it up with your liquid of choice and spray with the convenient to use pump cap.

misto oil sprayer

Space Rocket Cookie Cutters

space cookie cutters


Get ready to blast off with a cookie cutter that is out of this world, literally. The Space Rocket Cookie Cutters will send your delicious deserts into orbit. Let your taste buds take flight with these cute 3D cookie cutters shaped like a rocket ships, stars, and aliens.

3D space cookie cutters

Kitty Kitchen Timer

Kitty Kitchen Timer

If you are looking for the “purr-fect” timer for your cooking, then you’ve found the best feline for the job. The Kitty Kitchen Timer features a sweet cat face that will diligently watch over your meals. Set the 60-minute timer and never let your foods burn again.

Kitty Kitchen Timer

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