4 Unique Ways to Display Your Photos

Are you tired of that giant box of photographs you have stored away somewhere. You keep meaning to sort through them and organize those precious memories, but just never seem to find the time or the right album to display them in. Take a weekend and give those photos the proper frames they deserve with these 4 ideas for showcasing your photos. These framing ideas will give you a simple yet sophisticated way to really take your photos to the next level and display them as they should be.

Magnetic Rainbow Photo Frame

Add a pop of color to your room with this 9-colored Magnetic Rainbow Photo Frame. This magnetic felt frame provides you with 9 different colored circles that are all connected on a sturdy metal stand so you won’t have to worry about it falling over. Choose your favorite pictures and create a collage of memories that you and your friends and family will enjoy reminiscing about each time they see this charming and photographic addition in your home or office.

Magnetic Poster Frame

You art needs a suitable frame that will really set it apart from the basic and typical frames everyone uses. With the Magnetic Poster Frame, you’ll get a modernist approach to minimalism with this frame that consists of four wooden strips that will magnetically hold your artwork in place and can be either hung from the attached string or mounted to the wall by screwing the top strip in. Keep it simple but stylish with this great frame for all your artistry needs.

Sunny Desk Photo Display

Liven up that boring workspace at the office with the Sunny Desk Photo Display. This ray of sunshine was inspired by the sun and its beautiful rays cascading forth from the center and all you’ll need to do is add your favorite photos and pictures between the spokes. Personalize your desk and showcase those memories with this cheerful frame that takes minimalist and modern to the next level.

Photo and Card Holder with Magnets

Now you can hang your pictures with style and flare thanks to the Photo and Card Holder by Kikkerland. Comprised of a weighted steel cable, that you can hang from your ceiling or on your wall, and 8 powerful magnets that will act as picture holders up against the cable. Use it for reminders before you go out the door, or replace those old photo frames with something new and exciting!

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